Meanwhile, based on information KPK investigators, fill a black bag Dunhill brands are as follows:

1. Blackberry Torch brand without the back cover in black, with an external memory of 4 Gigabyte Scandisk brand. And sim cards
2. Their Blackberry Torch black color without a back cover, with their external MMC memory of 2 gigabytes
3. Nokia mobile phone brands silver type C5 with output sim Vietnam
4. Phone Nokia E7 black
5. Sonny Vaio brand flash for 4 gigabytes silver
6. One power crystal
7. Watches with broken glass in front of the condition
8. Charge blackberry black citizens.
9. Electronic tickets on behalf Syrifuddin with the aim towards Cartegena Bogota on August 6, 2011
10. 5 pieces of card
11. Cash with the contents of two recalcitrant recalcitrant BCA USD100 with as many as 100 sheets of paper wrapped in a white color with a total of USD20 thousand.
12.Dompet brown color with a content of 100, five pieces, $ 50 2 pieces, $ 10 for eight pieces, and 250 peso money as much as four pieces.